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We see a revival in the board games industry. What was once a pastime restricted to the rear of welcoming neighborhood game shops has become popular. Even large box stores have jumped in, giving scores of titles that didn’t exist even five years ago. The creative churn that has produced so many outstanding games has made it difficult to know where to start.

Even if you did purchase every trending new book on Kickstarter, there is only so much shelf space. The Essentials List from Polygon might be helpful here.

A thorough list of the finest modern board games has been put together, much like the lists we’ve created for PC and console gaming. This is not a wish list of out-of-print classics or difficult-to-find books. Everything on this page is still in print and reasonably priced. We’ve tried to include all the top game genres, from intense strategy games to more lighthearted family entertainment. So get in and share your opinions — and suggestions — in the section below.

1. Azul

Keep a copy of Azul on hand for casual gaming evenings. The history of décor is brought to life in this tile-laying game. It is reported that King Manuel I of Portugal carried the tile decorations back to his castle because he was so moved by the magnificence of the Alhambra Palace in southern Spain. 

You’ll be equally motivated as a player to create colorful tiles to decorate your castle (aka your game board). Points are awarded for specific patterns and whole sets, but squandering tiles might cost you. The player with the most points wins when all the tiles have been used up.

Azul is a popular favorite because of its plain turns, easy-to-understand rules, and limitless strategy. Pattern construction is enjoyable for players of all ages, and carrying on a conversation while playing is simple. 

2. Blood Rage

The world is coming to an end. There are many plans, but there is no avoiding death. Can you find a balance and adjust to your enemies before the third age ends? Go down in a blaze of glory and lead your Viking tribe to triumph!

Blood Rage stands out because of the variety of tactics and unpredictability of closed drafting, which helps level the playing field at the beginning of the game. Area influence supporters might decide to attack and plunder to seize control of adjacent lands. 

Players who like fighting may easily defeat foes in combat. Even losing battles or completing tasks might provide benefits for pacifists. Additionally, the game has numerous drafting times, enabling players to adjust and respond to opposing strategies. In conclusion, this game is excellent for all types of players and deserves a spot on your shelf.

3. Cascadia

Not only residents of the Pacific Northwest enjoy Cascadia. This tile-drafting game’s exquisite game imagery and natural themes are accessible to all players. You must choose how to balance your ecosystem from the first draft. To score the most points and get bonuses at the end of the game, match the terrain and the species.

Cascadia’s popularity extends beyond its outstanding artwork and well-liked ecological topic. Cornering endgame bonuses, concentrating on area domination, and building passageways are possibilities. The hexagonal grid and random board creation contribute to the replay value. Keep it on hand to wow your Portlandian friends when they visit or for a peaceful night.

4. Crokinole

Crokinole has a certain allure. Players in this dexterity game flick discs into a recessed hole in the center of the board from the edge of a vast circle. If you miss your shot, you should leave your disc as close to that center. But there’s a catch: You must hit the opponent’s disc with your own if it’s in play. It’s an exciting game with plenty of strategies and deliberate movement.

Crokinole has a presence far more significant than the actual place it resides in is one of its appeals. It has the sense of a full-fledged parlor game, similar to a pool. This is all a result of that core, imposing piece of hardware, which may also be displayed as folk art on the wall.

It might be confusing to weigh your alternatives since many kinds of boards exist. The greatest are often regarded as Hilinski; however, they are typically built to order and cost a premium. You might be wise to get one from Crokinole Boards Canada, whose items start at around $130 if you want a more affordable choice. Some of these solid wood structures are heirloom-quality creations that withstand damage from many generations, despite the often hefty expenditure.

5. Decrypto

A little spying is the best way to get the party started. Your objective is to communicate with your team. The code comprises the words you will get in a random sequence on four cards. To aid your team in deciphering the code, combine them into a sentence. The other team will be listening to decipher your code and gather information. Think quickly and avoid giving up too much since two interceptions will end the game.

Team games are fantastic for gatherings, and seeing word association in action is always entertaining. I always snort when I hear how many different ways my colleagues can describe a pig. My go-to game to spice up get-togethers with friends and family is Decrypto.

6. Gloomhaven

Good Dungeon Masters are challenging to come by, contributing to Gloomhaven’s success among board game enthusiasts. The roughly 20-pound package of Gloomhaven has a complex, branching story campaign set in a distinctive fantasy universe. But this game’s mechanics are what set it apart.

Gloomhaven doesn’t use random dice rolls in battle as Blood Rage does. Instead, players control movement and assaults using cards on a tactical grid. Rob Daviau’s Legacy-inspired mechanisms are also used by Gloomhaven, which gradually changes the game environment over time by introducing new characters and settings from sealed containers within the box.

Your version of Gloomhaven will be unique if you complete even a fourth of the game’s roughly 100 scenarios. There is a simplified version of the game sold in stores. For those who have previously completed their campaign, it serves as an addition to the basic game named Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion.

7. Marvel Champions: The Card Game

An exciting cooperative experience, Marvel Champions: The Card Game highlights the enormous influence and breadth of the Marvel brand. You may play prominent characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel with up to three pals. You each take your character’s unique cards and choose a villain to stop after.

The range of Living Card Games from Fantasy Flight Games’ publisher is most sophisticated with Marvel Champions. The agony and high expenses of conventional collecting card games like Magic: The Gathering or the Pokemon Trading Card Game are avoided since expansion packs in this format are non-randomized. There is a ton of extra material, including stand-alone characters like Captain America and Scarlet Witch and fully developed campaign scenarios like The Mad Titan’s Shadow, which lets you reenact the Infinity War. And to top it all off, the game is surprisingly enjoyable.